Perler Bead Projects

If you’ve seen these little beads before, or have some just sitting around and have absolutely no clue what do to with them, then you came to right place. Perler beads are are great for making projects! If you just use a bit of creativity, you can create anything. Here are a few ideas.

Pixel Art

When most people work with perler beads, they usually create some kind of pixel art. these kinds of projects are very fun, and can range from something as easy as a simple square, to something as extravagant as an 8-bit sprite from your favorite video game. Keep in mind that bigger projects do take more time. The plus side on this is that after a long project, it feels very rewarding to see the amazing finished result. These are great gifts, or items to display in your home or office.

perler assassin's creed
Assassin’s creed perler bead sprite, image courtesy of


If you have little ones around, a great thing to do is make perler bead coasters. It’s something very simple, and a great way for younger ones to express creativity, all while keeping your drinks from ruining the coffee table. Don’t think of this project as making a colorful square (although you can if desired) , but think of it as a way to add some creative spice to your home, and really lighten up the place. With different shaped templates such as hexagons and circles, the bead layout possibilities are endless!

Flower coasters, image courtesy of

Perler Bowls

This project can be a real conversation piece for your home, office, or just about anywhere. This is also a very simple and fast project. I wouldn’t recommend doing this project unless you are using a surplus supply of beads. All you need is a microwave safe bowl, some random or assorted collections of beads, non-stick cooking spray, and of course a microwave. Then coat the bowl with cooking spray,and a thin layer of beads and throw it in the microwave for ONLY about 10-15 seconds, we don’t want to start a fire now! Please note that your bowl does not need to be as intricate as the one shown below.

perler bowl
Decorative perler bead bowl, image courtesy of

Game Boards

Now before even starting this project, I would like to say that this is a bit time consuming. No matter, it’s still very fun. You can create a diy game, make up rules and even game pieces! But lets not get to ambitious now, we haven’t even talked about how to make this. First and foremost, you will need perler beads… a lot of perler beads. Also, you will need to invest in huge perler grids. The best kind are the clear ones, as you can see the design you are working with under it. That brings me to my next point, a design. The design that you work work with could either be a printed out mini game board, or an actual game board, such as the one from the famous game, Monopoly or the unique and hexagonal board of Catan. With all of this said, just know that this is a great long-term project to try!

perler game board
Perler Settlers of Catan, image courtesy of

3D Perler Patterns

Now these are on the more complicated side of making perler projects. This involves making lots of layers, and having tons of beads. I personally recommend getting assorted bags of certain colors, so 1,000 count bags  are usually the best. Also you will need some type of pattern, because these projects require some type of reference. But do not let this discourage you, because once you have one of these marvelous creations, you will have a great display item. Note that is activity is only limited to your imagination!

perler Ice-Cream-Cones.jpg
3D Perler ice cream cones, image courtesy of


To sum this up, you can do so much fun stuff with perler beads. I would suggest this  to anyone who is interested in a new hobby. Start small, and work up to bigger projects, and see what’s right for you. But don’t overwhelm yourself, because the purpose of a hobby is to relax and enjoy yourself. Just remember that what ever project you may choose to do, make sure you enjoy it. It’s only limited to what you can imagine! Happy beading!

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