Where To Buy Perler Beads

What are perler beads and where can you buy them?  Perler beads are small circular pieces of hard plastic that you put together on a peg board to form a design. Then you melt the plastic using an iron with bead ironing paper. The final look of the project will look joined and meshed together, not like the tiny separate circles that you started out with.

You can  buy them in small packs or large bins of 22,000. Most craft stores like Michael’s, Jo Ann Fabrics, A.C Moore, and Hobby Lobby sell perler beads. Some other places to look for them can be online at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Target. I find that in my area, I get lucky at the local thrift store. I have found large bins of perler beads at Goodwill for about $3.94. Shopping at Savers and 2nd Avenue has also worked out for me. You even have a choice to buy the mixed or separated. The mixed colors come in bigger containers ranging from 6,000 to 22,000 beads. While the individual colors come in smaller bag size, anywhere from 100 to 600 pieces.


I am sure as soon as the weather is nice again I will be able to score a few from yard sales and community yard sales. Church rummage sales are another good place to score some beads. You can always ask the person  if the have any to sell even if you don’t see them out on the table. Especially if they already have crafty looking stuff in their yard sale. Let’s face it, people don’t bring out everything they want to get rid of. There are some other places that you can find perler beads that you normally wouldn’t think could sell them. I have gotten small themed sets from Barnes and Nobles, Five Below, and Kohls.

The possibilities are endless with perler beads. You can find so many creative projects online on YouTube, etsy, ebay, and Pinterest. My son and I do projects together all the time. We have made earrings , small gifts, and drink coasters so far. I get so many compliments on my pixel feather earrings. Everyone thinks they are Minecraft arrows. His next project will be a large Pokemon that he wants to put on his wall. Shopping to them is fun too. I don’t only  just look for the beads, I try to look for storage bins, perler boards, and bead ironing paper. Going to the Goodwill is an adventure. I get so excited to find a 22,000 bin that is barely used for under $5.00.


Perler Beads 22,000 Count Bead Jar Multi-Mix Colors
22,000 Perler beads via Amazon.  You can see more details at Amazon.  Please click here.


Perler beading is a fun activity for the whole family to get into. It is a low cost activity with fun results ! Even save money buy making the kids key chains, birthday cake toppers or even cool party theme favors. Your collaborative creative ideas will inspire you to make projects your whole family can enjoy. I would love to know what projects you or your kids have created. Please leave comments below!



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