Naruto Hidden Leaf Village

Image via Iconosquare

Naruto Uzamaki is the a loyal villager of the Hidden Leaf Village, who is on his quest to become a hokage. This image captures Naruto in his iconic orange jumpsuit and headband.

Kakashi Hama Beads Chidori

Image via Kakashi hama beads by SayuriKushina on DeviantArt

Team 7’s leader Kakashi Sensei is a great teacher. His calm nonchalant demeaner helps the team train for the Chunin exams. Be amazed by his special chidori attacks.

Naruto and Sasuke Rivals

Image via Naruto Sasulke Rivals Perler by genjiworks on DeviantArt

Naruto and Sasuke are team members, rivals, and frenemies. These two test each other more times than I can count. Individually they can hold there own, but together they are a force that will weaken the evilest of villains. Who will become the strongest, is a question that will keep you wanting to be a huge fan of this anime series.

Sakura Haruno

Image from Sakura Haruno 2 – Fuse Bead by ProbonoBear on DeviantArt

Sakura is a member of Team 7 and is ready to complete her journey as a medical ninja. She is also from the hidden leaf village where her and Naruto grew up. She trains with Kakashi Sensei, Naruto, and Sasuke. As an added bonus she also gets more nurturing guidance from Lady Tsunade, who is known for her strength and mastery of healing abilities.

Shikamaru Perler Bead

Image via Shikamaru Bead Sprite by GeekMythologyStudios on DeviantArt

Shikamaru is a member of team 10. He is known for his highly unenthusiastic attitude. He is a genin who wants to master the art of the Shadow Possession Jutsu. Is he one of your favorites?

Rock Lee Perler Bead Sprite

Image via Rock Lee by Crausse on DeviantArt

This fearless shinobi is a member of Team Guy. Rock Lee wear an iconic green one piece jumpsuit with slouchy leg warmers. His thick eye brows lands him the nickname ” Bushy Brow”. His teacher’s mission is to make him a taijutsu master.

Team Guy Bead Sprites

photo via Team Guy ‘TS’: Beaded by TomatoisJPhansburg on DeviantArt

The three members of Team Guy are strong and fearless. Tenten is a independent and loyal genin from the Hidden Leaf Village, who is mastering her weaponry and fūinjutsu skills. Rock Lee is a supercharged fighter who is training to master his taijutsu. And Neji Hyuga a shinobi who has a troubled past but always comes to the fight with his incredible byakugan abilities.

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